About Current

Our passion is to create the solutions our customers need to make the transition to e-mobility. 

current ˈkʌr(ə)nt Existing or occurring at the moment. A flow of electric charge across. It always has the sense of time. A stream of charged particles. (3)

Our goal with CURRENT is to provide Next Level Charging for your business

CURRENT is a technology company based in Norway and present in five countries. We provide enterprise customers with a vendor-independent EV Charge Point Management System, along with mobile and web apps for EV drivers. Our software is user-centric and intelligent, proven at scale to ensure operational excellence and commercial superiority.

Our cloud-based software, CURRENT, is a complete all-in-one solution for businesses looking to manage their EV charging infrastructure using the latest energy management technology.

Together with our partners and B2B customers, we are accelerating the transition to clean energy and electrification of mobility, and we are proud to help.

CURRENT was founded in 2013.



Unleashing the potential of energy

Energy is all about unlocking its potential. We’re in the midst of two industrial revolutions, energy and transportation. We see ourselves as having an important role to play here. With CURRENT EV Charging, we are contributing to sustainability. On the one hand, we provide digital services to support the growth of the EV market. On the other hand, we help electrify transportation and optimise energy consumption.

We will never limit ourselves to where we are at the moment. We will constantly reach out to the "next level" where our CURRENT strategy and vision match up!

CURRENTLY - our customers pave the way for sustainable mobility!

We are proud to be a part of transforming transportation into emission free alternatives.


CO2 saved

KM driven


Providing access to smart charging - anytime and anywhere for everyone

All charging stations operate power. With data, charging stations also become smart and data-driven. That’s where we come in, optimising the charging infrastructure and energy resources with data-driven, innovative and reliable use of technology. The goals of our organisation are to define and shape the industry we are part of – to make all effort count. Our daily mission is to make our technology more accessible and usable for everyone, while taking our solutions to the next level.


We seek to be curious and serious about what we offer and how we do business every day:


One of CURRENT’s core values is striving for a sustainable future. Our mission is to help solve the climate crisis by bringing electric mobility to people’s daily lives and the energy system


Our business is built on leveraging collective intelligence. Openness and future-proofing go hand-in-hand. As a result, we strive to continually innovate and improve our offerings in line with open EV charging standards.


The success of our customers depends on the effectiveness of our platform. Being innovative is in our DNA, which is why we provide the latest solutions in energy management and other EV-related technology services.


Come join our team to work with the brightest minds in the EV industry, who are dedicated to realising its potential.