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Modern business models require advanced features for managing EV charging points. With years of experience in eMobility projects for our clients and partners, CURRENT is a market-leading EV charging platform. We offer you top-quality software and ensure reliable operational stability when you become one of our hardware partners.



Grow your revenue with new business models on a sophisticated OCPP-compatible management platform.

Increase your charging sales by adding it to the bundle
Future-proof your hardware offering

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Get to market quickly

The CURRENT platform can get you up and running within weeks:
  • By partnering with us and using our fast and flexible software services, you will benefit from our expertise and gain an edge over your competition.
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Increase your sales revenue

Our software will increase your charging sales by adding it to the bundle:
  • The EV charge point management platform will be available to them by adding our software to the bundle for your clients
  • Our team will support any future software requests.

Get a better return on your investment

Focus on core business:
  • With CURRENT as your EV charging software provider, you will reduce additional costs and human resources for software support and development. Providing advanced software solutions to new clients will also improve your business.
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Lower total operating costs

  • CURRENT’s EV charging platform provides full monitoring and control of operations, payments and other important business metrics. Smart maintenance and active monitoring help you and your clients optimise costs.
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Fully OCPP compliant

Future-proof to continuously improve your hardware offering:
  • CURRENT has in-depth knowledge and experience in OCPP.
Whitelabel app

Branded, white-labelled mobile and web apps

Utilise our backend with a complete frontend white label package:
  • Your online portal and driver app can be designed to match your corporate branding.


CURRENT provides all operations, payments, billing, monitoring and smart charging functions.

Access control and performance monitoring

  • Detailed logs, connectivity, hardware status, etc.
  • Manage your charging stations with ease, and customise your charging station features remotely.
  • Set access and visibility rules (private/public), monitor and manage station health
  • Manage user accounts, define access rules and terms of usage for different user groups
  • Extensive APIs and integration possibilities, covering roaming with other charging networks
EV charging management

Integrate the chargers with payment and billing providers

  • Integration with payment gateways, with different payment options – credit cards, PayPal, SMS, etc.
  • Billing of charging sessions and receipts are automatically generated
  • Full support of monthly settlement of charging revenues to the location owner
  • Reporting and real-time dashboards
  • Support for multiple currencies
EV charging Billing Management

Adding features and improvements is simple

  • Giving your chargers access to capabilities like remote commands, smart charging, firmware updates, etc.
  • Security and authentication - benefit from tailored service levels, pricing plans and cost structures that fit their needs
  • Dynamic load management features - optimise electricity utilisation by using charging profiles, scheduled charging and dynamic load management
OCPP certified system

Mobile and web apps for the EV drivers and admin dashboard with your branding

  • White-labeling is available for all end-user services in order to match your brand, language and currency, online web portal and driver app.
  • Start and stop charging as they wish
  • Branded customer communication on receipts, support tickets and more
  • Pay with various payment methods
  • Detailed information on billing plans and transactions
  • Downloadable on App Store and Google Play
  • Support for QR codes
EV charging custom branding
OCPP test

Request an OCPP integration test

Our team has extensive experience with OCPP implementations and has already tested and integrated 40+ charging hardware brands.

Request a free checklist integrations test and take advantage of OCPP's agnostic approach to charge point hardware.

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OCPP certified manufacturer

OCPP Certified Manufacturers

Our software platform strictly follows the Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP). It is fully certified by the Open Charge Alliance (OCA) as a result, and we've already integrated with 40+ charging hardware brands.

Open and future-proofed – You can rely on CURRENT's platform to fulfill all technical requirements, while focusing fully on your business and customers.

Explore how OCPP help EV charging software

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What our customers think.

Arne-Ragnar Amundsen
«A ready-to-use system for our EV charging systems was important to us as one of Oslo's leading electrical contractors. With CURRENT, we are able to serve B2C and B2B clients across the country and monetize maintenance and support services as a sought-after additional service.»

Arne-Ragnar Amundsen
CEO, Datek Installation

Terje Wathne
«The scalable solution from CURRENT gives us full control of our charging stations. Energy costs decrease and earnings increase as we expand our electric vehicle charging.»

Terje Wathne
Technical Property Director, Mustad Eiendom

Christian Aakermann - Hurum kraft
«Within a few weeks, we were able to install several EV charging stations using the CURRENT platform. As a result, we can now offer a complete charging solution for the smart grid of the future and grow our network.»

Christian Aakermann
CEO, Hurum Kraft AS

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