The CURRENT Approach to Charge Point Management

The CURRENT Approach to Charge Point Management

Tom Orvei

09. Nov 2021 | 4 min read

Innovation News Network names CURRENT as Norway’s leading charge point management company: CURRENT provide smart charging of EVs to operators, network owners, OEMS, fleet owners and utilities, with everything in between. 

Market-leading software from Current makes managing, growing, and operating entire EV charging businesses more efficient and cost-effective.

EV transition challenges faced by countries and regions

One of the biggest challenges we are solving for countries and regions is power and grid capacity. When the necessary hardware is in place, CURRENT can facilitate the flow of energy both from the grid to the EV battery as well as from the battery back to the grid. It reduces the strain on the grid, increases sustainability, and continuously lowers costs.

An exciting proposition is to supply the grid with energy during peak hours from the EV battery. This is known as vehicle-to-grid (V2G) and is the future of smart charging. Smart charging is about optimising the power that goes to the vehicle.

Thankfully, this proposition is now a reality, though still in its infancy. CURRENT has been testing this technology since 2019 in Norway to reduce the carbon footprint for public buildings, researching innovative energy technologies and how to integrate EV car batteries into the power grid.

The Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP) – achievements and benefits

All CURRENT charge points go through a rigorous certification process. CURRENT test for OCPP compliance and carry out their own additional tests. In this way, CURRENT ensure the chargers can deliver the functionality the firmware supports. The result is a reduction of costs with efficient hardware while not overpromising functionality.

By using open-source communication protocols, charging stations can be future-proofed and run alongside multiple CPM models. If you invest in a charging station that does not support OCPP, your customers may not be able to take advantage of new and better solutions in the future.

New developments for Charge Point Operations?

CURRENT sees roaming as a core component for any company looking to scale their Charge Point Operations successfully. CURRENT already supports roaming between our CPO networks. As a CPO, you want to maximise revenue from each charger point, and who charges should not matter. The objective is to drive revenue, and as long as your chargers are online, you want them charging.

CURRENT already has the ecosystem, and believes opening it up to clients reduces roaming costs while providing the largest possible audience for them, all while ensuring continuous charging.

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