Simplify your fleet charging

Simplify your fleet charging

Asbjørn Mitusch

02. Nov 2023 | 4 min read

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If your business has a fleet of electric cars, you’ve already experienced how charging complicates things. Every month, you must:

  • Gather invoices from dozens of charge point operators.
  • Check reimbursement claims from employees.
  • Try to calculate home charging costs for employees charging a fleet vehicle.
  • And much more …

The process takes hours, every month. Here's the good news, at CURRENT, we’ve simplified that process for you. Using our system, you can track employee home charging. Letting you see how much they’ve charged their fleet vehicle and how much they spent doing it. The system then automatically reimburses their charging for you.

How electrical spot pricing complicates home charging for fleet vehicles

Spot pricing has a lot of advantages. You pay the actual cost of energy, and over time, it saves most people a lot of money, it also saves your business money. But for home charging of a fleet vehicle, spot pricing complicates things.

In most countries, employees can’t make money on their home charging of a fleet vehicle, without this being taxable income. So, unless you refund them the exact cost of charging, they must file the money they made, or lost, on their tax reports. You must file it as well. It would have been difficult if the spot price changed daily, but it changes every hour. Making it impossible to calculate the loss/gain associated with fleet charging at home manually. The reality is that unless you have a system that supports tracking hourly spot pricing, you and your employees are likely breaking the law. To keep you out of trouble, our system removes that hurdle.

We’ve automated the entire reimbursement process. Our system calculates the charging costs and handles the reimbursement process for your entire fleet–including the calculations associated with hourly spot price changes. Not only does our system gather all charging in a single place. It also helps you file your taxes by generating the documentation and insights you need to document your charging costs.

As a Head of Finance or fleet operator, switching to the CURRENT system can save you dozens of hours. Contact us today, for a free consultation, and learn what impact switching to CURRENT will have on your business.

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