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How CURRENT Takes the Pain Out of EV Fleet Management

How CURRENT Takes the Pain Out of EV Fleet Management

Tom Orvei

01. Oct 2021 | 4 min read

For both fleet drivers and operators, CURRENT's EV fleet management solution ensures an easy, smooth, steady, predictable charging experience.

Fleet operators face many challenges and questions when electrifying their fleets. These issues have already been covered in 3 key reasons fleet operators should choose CURRENT and Successful fleet electrification: Critical considerations for the fleet operator

Bottom line: Successful fleet electrification requires experience and expertise. Otherwise, you'll make mistakes and waste time. Unsurprisingly, this costs you money.

There’s a better way. When you work with CURRENT to electrify your fleet, we will provide you with all the know-how and tools you need to manage your EV fleet effectively.

So why is CURRENT the right choice for EV fleet operators? Basically, it boils down to three things: expertise, stability and compliance.

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The EV industry is in our blood. In one of the world's most advanced EV markets, we operate 8,500 charge points. After serving as both an eMobility Service Provider and a charge point operator for eight years, we know pretty much everything about the EV market.

Here are a few things we can help you with: 

  • Increased uptime and stability
  • Reduced management costs related to support and maintenance
  • Compatibility of different types of hardware
  • What are the EV driver challenges in their life cycles

The most effective way to get long-term returns on your investment includes setting up and managing your EV fleet operation to avoid common pitfalls. We provide the expertise and tools you need to build a cost-efficient, eco-friendly electric fleet operation. 


CURRENT is here to stay, with future-ready software solutions. With over 8,500 stations and 25,000 monthly users, we have grown to be the largest independent provider of eMobility platforms in Scandinavia. When we partner with fleet operators, we're in it for the long run.

Here are a few things we can help you with: 

  • A more satisfied customer base and a more effective scaling strategy
  • Monitoring and improving your operations
  • Improved procurement accuracy by reducing incorrect purchases
  • Improved legacy charger implementation
  • Over-the-Air (OTA) on all of our certified chargers


The CURRENT platform is hardware-agnostic and based on open industry standards, supporting over 40 charger models. Our platform will meet all your technical requirements, so you can focus on your business and customers. 

By testing and certifying all chargers on our platform, we make sure your drivers have a smooth charging experience. 

Here are a few benefits you can expect as a customer:

  • Utilise certified and tested hardware to ensure quality and functionality in your sales
  • By using OTA, you can improve your existing certified hardware without having to check for technical compliance
  • Using certified chargers reduces the cost of operation, maintenance and upgrades 


By using CURRENT's EV fleet management solution, you will be able to gain an insights-driven, unified picture of your EV fleet usage, increasing driver satisfaction and reducing costs.

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