EV and charging trends in 2024

EV and charging trends in 2024

Asbjørn Mitusch

29. Feb 2024 | 2 min read

Here’s a trend forecast for 2024 from Åsmund Møll Frengstad: founder of Current, special advisor to the EU and the Norwegian Parliament, and contributor to the OCPP standard.

New Battery Technology: Solid and Semi-Solid State

One of the most exciting developments is the new battery technology that is emerging: solid and semi-solid state batteries. This allows for higher charging speeds and longer battery life. In addition, several manufacturers are promising better performance and environmental friendliness.  VW with its sodium and potassium ion batteries and BYD with its blade batteries, both of which will be exciting to follow. However, we believe that even if solid-state batteries receive a lot of attention, it will be a few years before they become commonplace.

Simpler Payment Solutions for Charging

With the requirement to have payment terminals at all new fast chargers in the EU, it will be easier for EV drivers to pay directly at the charging point, using a bank card. We expect broad support for Visa and Mastercard. The EU directive on charging roaming means that EV drivers can use one app or provider regardless of their location in Europe. This will make it easier to charge across borders. We do not believe that Plug&Charge or Auto Charge will be widely supported in 2024.

Charging Mastercards

We believe that players who have traditionally offered MasterCard with gas benefits will start doing this for EV charging during 2024 - 2025, without speculating on which players will jump on the trend.

Automatic Reimbursement of Charging Expenses

Not surprisingly, we believe that companies will increasingly implement automatic reimbursement of charging expenses. By incorporating charge cards and services directly into accounting systems, it becomes easier for companies to manage travel expenses and ensure correct invoicing. Current has therefore developed such a system.

Conclusion: A slightly easier life for electric car drivers

With new technological advances and measures to make charging more accessible and user-friendly, the trends in 2024 point towards a simpler everyday life for EV drivers. These changes will present challenges for charging operators and businesses that cannot adapt (not least because of new EU regulations).