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Energy operator Ladeklar enters into the boosting EV charging market

Energy operator Ladeklar enters into the boosting EV charging market

Tom Orvei

15. Jun 2021 | 4 min read

Norway´s latest electrical disruptor,Hafslund ECO-owned Ladeklar, is one of the fastest-growing charging services in Norway, spearheading the national electrical revolution. Together with CURRENT, Ladeklar has signed more than 10,000 parking spots in just 18 months with their 'charging as a service' model.

Picture: CURRENT CEO Tom Orvei (left) and Ladeklar CEO Stian Bjørhei.

– We believe that tomorrow's society needs to be fully electrical. One of the key elements of this vision is to eliminate fossil fuels in transportation. And that’s why we started Ladeklar. We are actually more like an investment company driving the transition from gas to electricity, says charging expert and Ladeklar CEO, Stian Bjørhei.

Together with CURRENT, Ladeklar offers their customers a full overview of the charging box that is distributed from Ladeklar, as well as the opportunity to manage the box themselves.

– It’s key for us that all our customers have full control of their charging. In fact, we made it our mantra to make charging as easy as possible, because we believe simplicity will speed up people's adaptation to electrical. CURRENT plays a key role in delivering on this mantra, continues Bjørhei.

Ladeklar uses CURRENT's smart cloud software platform for EV Charge Point management. This enables energy network owners and power providers to take advantage of technology developed by CURRENT. For the end user, it makes no difference. The technology is the same, but Ladeklar provides the branding and offering to the market.

CEO at CURRENT, Tom Orvei, explains:

– Our technology is made flexible. And in close collaboration with Ladeklar, we are reaching out to a fast-growing market with a much-needed support for a sustainable EV charging infrastructure, says Tom Orvei, CURRENT CEO. Together, we will manage thousands of different EV chargers, making charging smart, safe and simple for all of Ladeklar’s customers, finishes Orvei.


CURRENT meets the highest industry standard of being fully certified by the Open Charge Alliance. OCPP 1.6 fully certified is an internationally recognised communication standard between Charging Stations for EVs and the Charge Point Management System. It ensures that a business has stringent processes in place for smart, safe and simple EV charging – and shows that the CURRENT EV charging platform is a tested and proven solution on the market.

- With the support of CURRENT EV charging platform, we are committed to offer our customers EV charging products that will continue to innovate and expand according to the continuous transformation taking place in the EV industry, summarizes Bjørhei from Ladeklar.

About Ladeklar

Ladeklar builds state-of-the-art charging stations for housing associations.

This means that Ladeklar covers high-cost investments that the resident normally must cover. When this is in place, only those who needs a charging box will rent it from Ladeklar.



CURRENT unleashes the potential with next-level charging solutions for your business needs. Our intelligent, cloud-based and hardware-agnostic platform spans EV operations, energy management, extensive billing capabilities, and home, public and workplace charging. Generating profits with a scalable and flexible solution fully certified by the Open Charge Alliance, you can create a sustainable charging business with CURRENT.

Based in Oslo, Norway, CURRENT’s passionate team of energy experts and engineers currently serve customers in 5 countries, and we are growing fast. Today, CURRENT manages thousands of EV chargers, used by more than 50,000 EV drivers monthly, and counting.

Our customer list includes strong brands such as Ladeklar, Fjordkraft, Wennstrom, Datek and Bravida.