CURRENT supports EHF invoices

CURRENT supports EHF invoices

Asbjørn Mitusch

08. Dec 2023 | 2 min read

It is a pleasure to announce that Current now supports EHF invoicing. This means that we can collect all charging sessions from all your users on a single EHF invoice. Life will be easier for accountants, auditors, and finance managers with this update. Most people who use the solution will save dozens of hours annually by simplifying the entire accounting process related to EV charging.

One EHF invoice for all employees

When employees charge the company's electric cars, all charging sessions are linked to an ID. This means that all charging sessions and reimbursements for home charging of the company's vehicles are registered on a single EHF invoice. In this way, the accountant has only one system and a single EHF invoice to deal with. The system also provides all the necessary documentation.

Automatic documentation.

The CURRENT system automatically documents all charging sessions, expenses, and reimbursements related to each employee. This information is collected on the EHF invoice. This ensures all necessary documentation in case of audits or the need to submit vouchers to the accountant, auditor, or tax authorities. In an average company, the accountant and finance manager can quickly save many hours on EHF invoices each month by switching to the CURRENT solution. The system is set up to support compliance with current regulations, which helps to save a lot of time when it comes to reporting.

Switch to CURRENT

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