Brøttet Condominium moved over a hundred chargers to CURRENT in one month

Brøttet Condominium moved over a hundred chargers to CURRENT in one month

Asbjørn Mitusch

07. Nov 2023 | 3 min read

Illustrasjon: Drammen

This summer, Brøttet Condominiums switched their electric vehicle chargers over to CURRENT. We sat down with Vibeke Christensen, board member of the condominiums, to find out how the transition went.

Recommended by the installer

When Brøtte Condominiums started looking for a new charge point management system, they contacted the installer from Wilh. Kolstad for expert advice. The installer told them that the CURRENT system would be the best fit for a condominium.

“It was Wilh. Kolstad who recommended CURRENT, so it was a simple choice,” says Vibeke.

The condominium had to switch more than a hundred chargers to the new system, and they had to do it fast. They wanted to have the CURRENT system up and running within a month. Despite the short time frame, the switch was a success.

“The switch was very smooth,” says Vibeke. “That was one reason we chose CURRENT. It was very important for us to have a smooth transition.”

The system automates everything

The board of the condominiums operates the chargers themselves, and Vibeke acts as a kind of project manager. But, according to her, the system does most of the work for her. When the residents have questions, they contact CURRENT.

"We’ve left support to CURRENT,” says Vibeke, “so when the residents have questions, they reach out to CURRENT. I’m happy I don’t have to handle support anymore."

Vibeke herself has access to the entire system and can log in to make sure everything is working, but so far she hasn’t needed to.

“I had an onboarding session with someone from CURRENT, where we went through the entire portal. I can log in if I need to, but to be honest, I haven’t had to do that yet. That’s the best thing about the system. Everything has worked well so far.”

CURRENT automatically invoices the residents

The condominiums have one EV charger in each garage, and the CURRENT system sends out invoices on behalf of the board. This means that the board doesn’t have to worry about the invoicing, and the CURRENT system administers the chargers for them.

"We have set a fixed price for electricity, that we review at the board meetings, and the system takes care of everything else."

Happy that they switched to CURRENT

For the board of Brøttet Condominiums, the transition to CURRENT has been a positive experience. They made the switch quickly, and the system automates the administration of the condominiums over hundred chargers.

“It’s been a quick and pleasant experience,” confirms Vibeke.