What is the Open Charge Point Interface (OCPI) Protocol?

In order to facilitate the widespread adoption of electric vehicle charging infrastructure, the EV Roaming Foundation developed the Open Charge Point Interface (OCPI) Protocol. Since different EV charging networks may now talk to one another, thanks to this protocol, the EV charging industry has advanced significantly.

The OCPI protocol is designed to facilitate interaction between charge point operators and the many networks that provide electricity for electric vehicles. This paves the way for instantaneous two-way communication between the two sets of interested parties. Details such as the location, cost, and accessibility of charging stations, as well as individual charge point data, are all part of the information sent here. Electric vehicle (EV) drivers will be able to use a common language while connecting to various EV charging networks because of the protocol.


EV Charging Networks and the OCPI Protocol

The OCPI protocol streamlines the process of connecting different charging networks for EVs in different parts of the world. It's free, and anybody who runs a charging station may get their hands on it. The protocol allows charge station operators to connect their backend systems to several EV charging networks. Because of this, motorists may easily use the same account to have access to many charging networks. The protocol also enables automated roaming, allowing EV drivers to use the charging infrastructure offered by charge station providers located anywhere in the world.


EV Drivers Benefit from OCPI Protocol

For those who drive electric cars, the OCPI protocol is a huge plus. Access to the most efficient charging infrastructure available on the market is now available to drivers of electric cars owing to the protocol. The protocol also allows charge point operators to provide accurate data on the charging status of their station and real-time payment details. Users have access to this data. The uniformity with which this data is displayed to EV drivers makes it much easier for them to understand the status of the charging station and make suitable decisions.


Understanding the Charge Detail Record Exchange

In addition, the OCPI protocol allows for the exchange of charge detail records. By participating in this trade, drivers of electric cars have access to standardized data on public charging stations, allowing them to make better-informed decisions in less time. In addition, charge point operators may get detailed information about the station through the exchange and use it to fine-tune energy management. Because of the free flow of data, this is now feasible. It is important for electric car owners to be able to use a single account to access many charging networks, thus this data sharing is a great service in that regard.


Automated Roaming with the OCPI Protocol

Furthermore, the OCPI protocol enables independent roaming. With this feature, electric vehicle (EV) owners may use the same account to charge their cars at any EV charging station in the globe, regardless of where they happen to be physically located. This is especially useful for those who own electric vehicles and are planning a long vacation and would want to take advantage of charging infrastructure in a number of sites throughout the world. The OCPI protocol's automatic roaming capability is available to charge station operators who are members of the EV Roaming Foundation, the group in charge of its management.


Different EV Charging Networks Benefit from OCPI Protocol

The OCPI protocol allows for interoperability across various charging networks for electric vehicles, allowing for shared benefits to be realized by everyone. The protocol allows for the interoperability of charge station networks, allowing for the exchange of pricing, availability, and other pertinent information between charge station operators. In addition to helping charge point operators provide more accurate pricing information, this data sharing helps electric vehicle owners take advantage of the best available charging station. The protocol provides charge point operators with access to energy management capabilities, allowing them to enhance the effectiveness with which they monitor and control the station's total energy use.


The EV Roaming Foundation and the OCPI Protocol

The OCPI protocol is administered by the EV Roaming Foundation, an international non-profit. The Foundation was established to encourage the global rollout of electric car charging infrastructure. The OCPI protocol is under the administration of the Foundation, which guarantees that it is maintained up to date and that EV charging networks adopt it. In addition, the Foundation gives help to electric car users and owners of charging stations, aiding these persons in better knowing the protocol and learning how to execute it.


How OCPI Protocol Facilitates Mobile Access to Charging Station Operators

Mobile access to charging station operators is also made feasible owing to the OCPI protocol. Electric car owners may access the charging infrastructure from any point in the world owing to this feature. In addition, the protocol enables charge point operators to provide detailed information about their charging station, including pricing and availability. As an added bonus, the protocol enables charge point operators to provide instantaneous billing details to their patrons. As a result, EV drivers may make decisions regarding their charging infrastructure in real-time, without requiring human interaction.




The Open Charge Point Interface (OCPI) Protocol is revolutionizing the electric vehicle charging industry, making it easier for electric vehicle drivers to access charging networks around the world. Thanks to the OCPI Protocol, charge point operators can provide detailed information about their charging station, enabling mobile access and real-time billing information. Current is a leader in the EV charging industry, providing a hardware-agnostic, cost-effective, and OCPI-certified charge point management system to launch and grow EV charging businesses. With its comprehensive services, Current is the perfect partner for EV charging businesses looking to navigate the ever-evolving EV charging landscape.

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