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About us

Norway has a long history in the energy sector and is a world leader in energy demand management. Oil has enriched Norway, and hydropower has been key to development.

The country invests heavily in renewable energy markets such as hydro, wind and solar power. Renewable energy is seen as a critical resource for improving living standards while lowering greenhouse gas emissions. It is clear that lacking access to energy continues to stand in the way of global development. With the competence and experience to make the most of available energy resources, Norway naturally has become a leader in developing, delivering and managing smart solutions for efficient energy utilization. This is where CURRENT comes in.

The initial concept for the SmartCharge product was conceived in 2011, and it soon became the core for developing the world's best solution for charging electric vehicles. Over the next few years, the company was built by the best and brightest people – with one goal in mind: to create the best management system for EV charging.

CURRENT is now a leading company in Europe in the field of electric charge management systems. Our vision is to build on the momentum and become a global leader in control systems for charging any electric means of transportation. We are the future of e-mobility.

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Our team brings together experience from automotive, hardware, retail and telecom industries.

We believe that interdisciplinary competence is key to building new, innovative solutions to solve old problems.

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